Impact of Paranormal movies on teens and children

Nowadays horror movies are a part of our day to day lives. With them being as popular as being circulated with teens and children of very little age for sleepovers or even for theaters, the rage is higher than expected. Kids nowadays rent DVD’s to watch these movies and also can download them to watch them repeatedly when they intend to. So these are some of the effects these movies can have on the teens and children.


Not everyone has the ability to handle the same amount of scariness. So, surveys show that children can be terrified of the paranormal movies but still watch them and then get anxiety attacks. With everyone watching them, every teen wants to experience the thrill, but in a way it can contribute to other health issues.


It can also cause permanent damage to someone’s level of acceptance. Children can be affected in terms of their level of fears too. These movies give rise to new fears that might not have been there inside their heads before. Teens can get scared at the slightest even if people are not trying to cause any harm to them and might revolt back. So, they can be scared of simple things too.

Sleeping Issues:

We had all experienced that little fear in our hearts when we were kids after the movie ends, be it for a moving curtain or a ray of light. These can be huge issues with teens and children since these fears stimulate our minds to be scared even after the movie has ended. The noises seem to get exaggerated inside our heads, and the shadows seem bigger and so on. If these issues continue, the children might as well not even leave the rooms after sundown at times.

 Aggression and violence:

Horror movies often have plots that revolve around things that portray violence or aggression on a higher level. Now, that is not good for children. Surveys show that it is best for teens to reach the age of 16 before they watch these kinds of movies. Since they have the power to catch aggressiveness at a higher rate; these movies can cause mental and physical issues in their day to day lives.

 Symbolic Catharsis:

Although this is a good reason, i.e. catharsis is a process in which we watch negative or complex movies in order to get rid of our fears, but it can have long lasting effects on our minds. In order to get rid of the fear we already have, we might give rise to a new fear, which we were not even aware of. The movies provide an alternate universe to the teens, but then this universe isn’t a safe place to experiment with fears either.


We all know how we wake up when we have those creepy flashbacks of the movies we have watched or even normal scary dreams. We would never want our kids or siblings to experience those nightmares. Horror movies can leave impacts on the minds of teens and children, and psychological surveys show when we think too much about something, we dream of it. So, scary dreams!

These would be some of the impacts on the teens and kids of watching horror movies.

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