10 reasons to watch paranormal movies

We all love horror movies. With all those creepy sounds, dark and gloomy settings, haunted places, we seem to love these movies even more. People were scared previously, but now you’ll find 5 out of 10 people who love horror movies. What is it that pulls us towards these movies so immensely? Do we like being scared or the fear that stays afterward? By why do we do so?

When we watch these kinds of movies, our adrenaline levels are always high due to the anticipation, the thrills and what not. But, we seem to enjoy them with the increase in all of it. We seem to enjoy the rush. So, these are some of the reasons why we should actually watch paranormal movies.


Way back in history a famous Greek philosopher Aristotle stated that people wanted to watch horror movies in order get rid of their negative emotions and fears, which in turn is known as Catharsis.

Theory by Freud and Jung:

Freud explained horror as a feeling that was suppressed by our ego whereas Jung said that it was something that had happened before and was residing in someone’s subconscious. A reason to watch paranormal movies would be to see, who was correct and who wins the debate.


We all are generally very curious from birth to know about things that are around us. We love the rush that comes in when something is going to happen and also, the moment something is going to be revealed.

Intense Emotions:

Also, people like the emotional connections they experience with the movies sometimes childhood memories or normal day to day life stories.

Adrenaline Rush:

When we are watching a scary movie, we can feel the adrenaline levels get higher with each scene or with every single mystery that is revealed. We all can at some time face the fears we have, be it the darkness is it something else. But since it’s a movie, it’s just for the time being that we get such excitement levels.

Excitation Transfer:

This is another amazing theory which states that the anticipation you feel during the movie continues after the movie too. It’s not how scared you are; it’s about that lingering feeling in your mind of the good thrilling time you had while watching it, because of which you should go back.


A scientist said that people like the excitement that they are provided by these movies. Even if it’s from a negative base, it is fun, or else things get bland and dull.


We also notice people who like the thrills they get when it’s a highly risky matter. Same goes for these movies. That sensation of doing something so crazy is what pulls them towards watching the movies.

Specific Alignment:

When we watch these kinds of movies, we want to relate and connect. So, in the way of connecting we relate the character to real life people and in turn enjoying the events.

Childhood Fantasies:

These can be our getaways to our childhood days, real quick. Time travel is real when you’re watching a horror movie, and while you relate to a kid, you become a kid!

These are some of the reasons you can watch paranormal movies.

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