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Ghoulburn Ghost Tours
Goulburn Mystery Ghost Tour
Click here to read more about Ghoulburn Ghost Tours New Tour

Sydney Ghost Tour
Ghosts of Christmas Past Tour
Click here to read more about Sydney Ghost Tour's New Tour

Manly Quarantine Station's Extreme Ghost Tour
Reveals the raw accounts of horrible and bizarre stories, kept secret by the guides until now.
Click here to read about the Extreme Ghost Tour

Sydney Ghost Tour
Featuring Sydney's Middle North Shore & Lower North Shore.
Click here to read more about Sydney Ghost Tour

Manly Quarantine Station Sleepover
3rd Friday of every month.

Featured on Ghost Hunters International, Sydney's Quarantine Station is one of the most haunted sites in Australia.

Test equipment used by real ghost hunters.
Will you encounter paranormal activity during the night?

Click here for more info!

Macquarie Park Cemetery & Crematorium Tour

Click here for more info!

Blue Mountains
Mystery Tour Review

Blue Mountains Mystery Tours Ghost Tour
Scenic. Yes! Beautiful? Yes! However there is more to the Blue Mountains than meets the eye... here is the Blue Mountains first ghost tour!

Click here to read more!

Does the Curse of the Bell Witch live on?The Bell Witch Haunting on DVD now!
The Bell Witch Haunting released on DVD.

Forget Stephen King's books, forget the "Poltergeist" movies, and as far as that goes... forget any ghost story you have ever read or seen on TV or at the movies.

Truth is more thrilling than fiction. One day in 1817, the Bell Witch saga began... Read More

Haunted Aussie Hotels, Pubs & Accommodation

Read about the spooky tales of former guests, owners or owners.

Stay or lunch/drink @ a haunted location.

Click here.

Paranormal Australia is on the lookout for Hauntings, Legends and Paranormal Phenomena in YOUR area!

Do you know of a haunted location near you, would you like to include an article on this web site?

If so we'd like to hear from you!

Paranormal Photography

Are your ghost photos real?

We explore the different types of anomalies.

ghost photos real or not? Paranormal Photography
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Ghost Tours Galore!
>> Looking for a night out of a different kind? Paranormal Australia lists the best ghost tours in Australia. Read reviews & submit your own on the Tour page.
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