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Port Arthur Historic Site Tour
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i went on this tour because i was chosen to go to port arthur with a school friend of mine as part of our school work experience program.

we went on the tour first on a tuesday night, and i have to day that our group had a dissapointing time, as there were so many tourists, we had people that couldn't keep up and there were three babies in the tour who started crying uncontrolably when we entered first the church and then even worse when we went to the parsonage.

being a bit sceptical and desperatly wanting to have my own experience, we went to nights later, much to my friends unwillingness. we arranged to have the same tour guide, as she (jenny) was fantastic. we went at a later time this time, but our experience did not occur during the tour, but before hand as we went walking through the site. My friend saw the shape of a young girl walking away towards the parsonage. she froze and had trouble explaining what she had seen. what freaked her out the most was finding out, after describing the girl to the guide, that the young girld was only seen by a few people, and she shared the same name as my friend and was supposedly the same age.

we also stayed in the YHA and had several unexplainable things happen. toiets flushing, utencils moving, doors banging, cold breezes in heated rooms and suchlike.

Submitted by: Star, Hobart
Added: 14-Dec-04

Guys, I would have to say that this tour at the Historic site is one of the best tours that I have done. I went first into all the areas and was the last to leave( got me in trouble with the guide but that's just typical of me)but glad I did.. when the group left the areas I waited a while and just took photo after photo. It all paid off in the end as I reviewed them, we found some Orbs and and a face like object looking down at me. I listen to the stories and picked the brain of the tour guide so I had an idea what went on and where. I felt a few very uncomfortable moments with the temperature dropping off and then thought I heard air like movement coming from two areas in particular, I wont say where cause I have a pretty open mind and am open to new or different things and I really don't want to spoil in any more for you.

I like every moment of the tour and had a blast during the day there too. The only thing that I wished for was that we stayed in areas a bit longer than we did and the group would stay a little more quiet. If the tour started closer to the darkest hour It would have offered a whole new experience.

I will share one story with you though. I stayed in the YHA basically on the Historic site and fell asleep in the clothes that I had on during the tour. In my pants pocket was the playing card that they issue you with when you purchase your two day entry pass to the site. any way to cut it short, I woke in the morning about seven and got up and I couldn't believe what I saw.... the playing card with the ace of hearts was on the bed across from mine, I checked my pocket and it was gone. What ever happen over night tried to take it from me and I should note that the bed that it was on was about five feet away and directly under the window which looks out over the Historic site.

Have fun and look forward to reading your stories soon

Submitted by: Stuart, Sydney
Added: 04-Dec-04

You have to go on this tour it is ACE!!!! Before this tour my husband and my sister's b/friend did not believe in the unexplained but now they are a little more convinced. When looking at the photos that were taken they got a bit of a shock to see the image of a man looking over his shoulder at us, in one of the cells. Also a lot of unexplainable orbs around the accountants and pastors homes. Out of all of the photos that were taken on the trip these were the only ones affected. Also hearing what sounded like children running around in the Junior Medical Offices House really put a chill up my spine.My boyfriend and I visited Port Arthur only recently, and made sure to take part in one of the famous ghost tours.

The experience is still haunting me! It was amazing and definitely worth a look, despite whether you are a believer or not.

In a way i was looking for some sign of the paranormal and it was delivered - unexplained noises coming from one of the houses left me quivering like a child and considering the idea of cutting the tour short to recover in the cafe.

Somehow i managed to carry on, with an increasingly tighter grip on my boyfriend's hand and making sure i looked over my shoulder every couple of seconds.

I did feel sorry for the three brave lantern bearers chosen from the tour group, who helped light our way through the site. Our guide was great and the stories she told captivated everyone. I do wish there was more than one guide, mainly so i felt a bit safer, but that's because i was such a wuss.

Submitted by: Caroline, Melbourne
Added: 04-Dec-04

I went on this ghost-tour with my family back in 2001. It was quite un-nerving to say the least, but it wasn't until I walked into the kitchen of one of the houses, that I became terribly upset. I 'saw' 3 children standing by a table, and I 'smelt' blood, in fact I was so distressed by the experience that I pushed people out of my way to get back outside, where I cried uncontrollably. The guide came to me and tried to comfort me, but I just had this unbelievably sad feeling, and I could not go back into the building. I might add that I am 44 years old, not an impressionable teenager...and this is why I had a hard time coming to terms with what I saw and felt. Another strange thing happened when we went back to the caravan park that we were staying at, after the tour, I had just got into bed, and I felt a cold breeze on the back of my neck and shoulder, almost as if someone had blown cold air on me, well as for explanation s.. I had none, as my back was not facing towards my husband, or any window or door, it was almost as if I had brought one of the ghosts back with me.........San

Submitted by: San, Melbourne
Added: 04-Dec-04

I went with my school, we're from melbourne and going on camp to Tassie. and that night when we arrived at port arthur, the first thing we saw when we were on the bus was the church, it was tall and big and it looked like a castle, everyone was already scared.

on the ghost tour, we had this lady... she was a bit freaky, telling us stories.. I have to admit, some of the stories are just not possible but its great tho. It was sooo cold as well .. I loved it, i really did, it was a great experience. I actually saw something that night but no one believed me... i saw a shadow, a guy wearing a hat..it was weird..i was freaking out.. bye yeah!! it was fun!! and spppppooky!

Submitted by: Renee, Melbourne
Added: 04-Dec-04

The tour was fantastic! Our guide was great in telling all the spooky stories. The silent prison and the parsonage gave me the creepiest feelings. In fact - I have a weird photo from the front of the parsonage. I would definitely go back again and take some more photos.

Submitted by: Renee, Melbourne
Added: 04-Dec-04

I went on this tour about 8 years ago when I was 14 (I'm now 22). I loved the tour however at the time I may have been too young to see it from an adults' point of view and I remember being very jumpy through the whole thing. I do remember the tour quite clearly though and had a couple of experiences. I now am a guide in my home town doing ghost tours in an old house.

We first went through Port Arthur during the day and in the Commandant's Cottage it was very eerie in daylight, let alone in the dark with lanterns. My cousin tried to take a photo of the rocking chair and her camera wouldn't work while in the cottage, but it worked outside. Later on the ghost tour we out found that this is a very common occurrence while attempting to photograph that rocking chair. I felt very uneasy in the Commandants Cottage and I was recently talking to a guide from Port Arthur who said many of the Ghost Tour guides wont go in there on tours anymore!

The creepiest place was definitely the Parsonage. The whole group was jumpy there, me especially with an overactive imagination (or was it?!). When the guide was talking about the ghost of a lady in blue who searches for her lost baby, he pointed right at my feet with the torch light and said: 'That is where she was first seen'. and I edged over to my uncle and warily sat on his knee! I remember feeling very sad there and also felt as though I was being watched from inside (because the group was on the veranda and didn't go inside).

I also didn't like the Dissection Room and when I was down there I could smell some form of disinfectant and had the feeling someone walking next to me when I was walking alone. I also didn't like the door leading into the Dissection Room, it had an evil feel to it, I remember no one stood with their back to the open door but moved to the other side of the room. The guide said many nights when he goes down to lock it there is a force pushing it from the other side trying to stop him from closing it.

When we went back to where we were staying and went to bed I had horrific nightmares. I dreamt about walking around the chapel watching the murder take place where the convict killed the other convict with an axe, and then passing by where they found the convict with a broken neck after he fell from the roof while building the chapel and where nothing will grow to this day in that exact spot. I remember watching them over and over in my dream.

When I woke up I had sleep walked into my brother's room and slept at the foot of his bed, he was only 10 at the time, and it freaked him out when he saw me asleep there. I went back into the bedroom where my bed was and there was a sparrow sitting on my pillow. I don't know if this was just a coincidence or a sign of some sort, if a spirit followed me home from Port Arthur or what but it was an experience I'll never forget!

Submitted by: Jess, Stanley, Tasmania
Added: 04-Dec-04

This tour is not for the faint at heart! My partner and I have done this tour twice, and have been scared both times!

The guides are excellent sources of historical and spooky information, and after having heard things in the parsonage and a strange experience in the silent prison, this is enough convince the sceptic in me to keep a more open mind!

Submitted by: Finn, Melbourne
Added: 04-Dec-04

My partner and I participated on this tour Easter 2004, we were just 2 of 42 people in our group with 14 other tours that night! What a disappointment it was. Our guide was rude, he would not let people stop and ask questions or even take photos, but instead flashed his torch on to see the time then rushed us on to the next stop just telling us of the history and what some people may have seen or felt. Buying the book on the ghosts of Port Arthur was more exciting than the actual tour!

Submitted by: Sarah, Tasmania

Added: 04-Dec-2004

This tour was the highlight of our holiday. Our guide was brilliant and the stories excellent, scary and, what's worse, believable.

We loved it and would recommend it to anyone... who is brave enough.

Submitted by: Fi, Victoria - Australia
Added: 24/01/2004

This tour was really scary. I went on it with a friend, who believed in ghosts, I didn't. What can I say, except afterwards I did. It was about as scary as it gets, walking around port arthur at night.

Watch out for the parsonage, our guide said it is one of the most haunted buildings in the country. The separate prison freaked us out too. Definitely recommend it thought. Bring a steady nerve!

Submitted by: Kate, Melbourne Victoria - Australia
Added: 24/01/2004

This tour is unreal, once you step into the settlement the nerves get to you as the whole place is haunted.

Commandant's House is extremely scary as well as the story's that go with the old Hospital. Nothing was seen by our group although things were felt.

Only problem is half the settlement is shown in each tour so you really need to go twice to experience the true horror of the place.

If you get the chance GO! don't miss out!

Submitted by: Robbie, Hobart Tasmania
Added: 24/01/2004

Went October 2003 with my husband and two friends on the Tour and thoroughly recommend it to all!

Our guide was great at telling the ghost stories and giving us a lot of detail about who lived where etc and what happened to people living in the house and prison etc. There were a few scary moments at the Parsonage, the disembowelment room and the Silent prison really gave me the heebie jeebies.

The stories told of what had happened to other people on the tours and to the tour guides themselves had me hanging on every word!! Our guide was great at giving us the history on who the ghosts were and why they may be there.

Total recommend.....some stories I just can't forget.....

Submitted by: Tracey - Hamilton Victoria
Added: 24/01/2004

This tour was absolutely fabulous. The guide was terrifying, the houses were even worse. I won't ruin it for you but those of you inclined to spook easy, watch out for the Parsonage and the Dissection room. The night I went out, two people fainted and I was grabbed on the shoulder in the dissection room. While I might be able to come up with a scientific answer in the cold light of day, at the time I've never been so scared in my whole life.

I definitely recommend this tour. The only problem was it wasn't long enough.

Submitted by: Foxfire (15/11/02)

Husband John and I did this one in January 2000. On a previous visit in the daytime in 1997 I purchased a book about the ghosts and was disappointed on the tour that the guide mentioned none of them.

That's the difference between a tour run by the government who simply employ people as guides and one run by a person who has done all the research. Our guide just said things like "On a tour once a lady thought she saw someone watching us from a window". We were in a group of 30 and there were some 6-8 groups on the night. I felt like a sausage in a machine - "hurry up the next group's nearly here" etc. I felt absolutely nothing. It was a letdown.

Submitted by: Liz Vincent (12/01/02)