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The latest paranormal links brought to you by Paranormal Australia,
a group of people who investigate all things paranormal.
astrology & divination
> The Cryptokeeper
ghosts & hauntings
> Ghost Hound
> Ghost Chasers International
> Ghosts Of The Prairie
> Ghosts: The Page That Goes Bump In The Night
> Ghosts & Legends Of The Queen Mary
> Ghost Research Society
> Ghost Study
> Ghost Web Of International Ghost Hunters Society
> Ghosts, Anomalies & The Unexplained
> Groovie Ghosts
> Shadows Ghostly Gathering
> The Shadowers.Com
> The Shadowlands: Ghosts & Hauntings
Straw Guys: Dealing With the Dead & the Spirit World
> Zerotime's Ghosts, Hauntings & Poltergeists
> Phone Calls from the Dead
> Spellfyre's Ghosts
> Dead of Night
> True Ghost Stories
> American Ghosts
> Where Ghosts Do Dwell
> Haunted Times
> Ghost! Magazine: For the Ghost Hunting Enthusiast

> Ghosts Of Tombstone
> The Ghost Stalkers
> Haunted America
> The L.I.F.E Foundation (Paranormal Help)
> Haunted Souls
> Ghosts of Ohio
> Ohio Hauntings
> Maryland Ghost & Spirit Association
> New York Ghost Chapter
> Alabama Ghost Stalkers
> Cathe's Ghost Encounters of the Civil War Kind

> Ghost Addicts.Com (formally Ghost
> Haunted Australia
> Blue Mountains Mystery Tours
> Haunted Salem! Your guide to the Witch City!
> GhostVillage.Com - Ghost Research, Evidence, and Discussion
> WVGhosts.Com - West Virginia's True Ghost Stories
> Ghostly Talk - Paranormal Talk Radio
> Michigan Ghost Watchers
> Haunt World - the World Wide Haunted Places Directory!
> Ghosts UKNEW!
fun stuff

> 123 Greetings.Com - Halloween Greeting Cards

New Zealand

> New Zealand Haunts

Legends and Folklore

> The Bell Witch Haunting - The Movie, The Legend, Encounters & More!
> Home of the Bell Witch: BellWitch.Org
Great Britain
> Ghost Watch UK
> Strange Thame
> Ghost Finder General  
Ghost Cams
> Ordsall Hall Ghost Cam
> So Weird Ghost Cam
> Heebie Cam
> Punderson Manor Ghost Cam
> Research Web Cam.Com
> The Haunted Diary
> Haunted Queen Mary
> The Riders Inn
> Asylum Cam
> Deadwood, South Dakota
> L lancaiach Manor Ghost Cam
> dddavids Ghost Cams
> Rochester Paranormal Ghost Cam
> Lincoln Webcam
> The 'haunted' Radio Cambridgeshire Station 1A webcam
> Paris Catacombs

Thanks to aussiejess for her help in compiling the latest webcam links! :)
Ghost Chat/Discussion
> Ghostchatter.Com - 24 hour ghost chat!
> Howies Haunts!

Ghost Stories

> Ghost Stories R Us

Famous Hauntings/Legends

The Amityville Horror

> The Amityville Horror Truth Page
> The Hoax in Amityville
> Amityville: The Web Site

The Bell Witch

> The Bell Witch Haunting - The Movie, The Legend, Encounters & More!
> Spirit Online: Spiritual Community & Information Network
> International Association for Near Death Studies
> Guiding Light: Psychic & Spiritual Development
> Help for Sensitives
> Psychics & Mediums Chat Network
UK Psychics
> Of Spirit and Soul
> After Death Communications

Ouija Boards

> The Moving Glass Page
> w i t c h b o a r d . c o m
> World Wide Web Ouija Board
Official Sites

> Psychic Phenomenon, psychic encounters. Visit this website to learn more about aura, runes, déjà vu and psychokinesis.


> John Edward's Official Website
> James Van Praagh's Official Website
Sylvia Browne's Official Website
> Echo Bodine
> Edgar Cayce


> Colin Fry
Uri Geller
Doris Stokes
Zak Martin - one of Britain's leading psychics & "real life Johnny Smith"!
> Gordon Smith - "The Psychic Barber"
> Cassandra Eason


> June Cleeland

> Debbie Malone's Between Two Worlds
Astral Dynamics // Robert Bruce
> Psychic Power // Dr Peter Filis - Numerologist, Palmist, Tarot Interpreter. Psychic readings and Psychic Development Courses.
> Ruth Phillips (nee Ruth Wilson from Scream Test)

> Scott Russell Hill
> Kerrie Wearing -



> Sharina's Psychic Encounters

Fan Sites

> Australian John Edward Fan Site
> John Edward Talk
> The A to Z of Mythology & Legends
paranormal phenomena

> Obiwans UFO-Free Paranormal Page
> Unexplained Phenomenon
> Paranormal News
> Office of Paranormal Investigation And Research (OPIAR)
> Creepy Web
> The UnExplained.Com
> The UnExplained Page
> All About Ghosts
Paranormal Place
> RIP: Researchers & Investigators of the Paranormal
> Tangled Forest: ghosts, superstitions & the mysterious
> Otherplane.Com
> Unexplained-Mysteries.Com
> News of the Strange
> Under The Bridge: Stories of the Paranormal
> Gagnon's Phenomenons
> Paranormal News.Com
> Rondas Paranormal Pictures
> Paranormal & UFO Info Net (PUFOIN)

> Creeping Shadows
> The Paranormal World
> Paranormal Explorer
> The Paranormal Search Engine

> The Paranormal Shop

The Ghostly Gateway - The UK's First Paranormal Search Engine!
> The X-Testers: The Paranormal as Seen Through the Eyes of Illusion and Movie Effects Design


> o t h e r s b e y o n d


> Orbstudy
> Orbs, Orbs Everywhere...
> Orbs by Beans

> Orbwatch
> Photographing The Paranormal

Psychic Vampires

> Others Beyond - Psychic Vampires 


> alt.paranormal (View using Google Groups)  


> Jeff Rense Program
> Prophecy Keepers Radio


Myriad Research Australia

> Sightings (USA)
> Chemtrail Central
skeptical side
> New Zealand Skeptics
> UFO Skeptic.Org
paranormal organisations/groups


> Haunted Hamilton
> Ontario Ghost Seekers
> Toronto Ghosts & Hauntings Research Society
> Para Researchers of Ontario
> Calgary Association of Paranormal Investigators (CAPI)
> The Paranormal World / Windsor Ghost Hunters Society
> National Paranormal Research Investigators


> The Haunted Valley
> North East Paranormal
> UK Paranormal
> The Ghost Club
> Cambridge Ghost Investigations
> Ghosts 2 Ghosts


> The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS)
Greater Hollywood Paranormal Society
> South West Ghost Hunters Association
> Southern Ghosts
> Wisconsin Ghost Investigators
> Lone Star Spirits Paranormal Investigators
> Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society
> North Texas Paranormal Investigation & Research Studies
> Paranormal Texas
> Lehigh Valley Ghost Hunters Society (LVGHS)
> Seekers of the Unknown
> Lake Tahoe Ghost Hunters
> Haunted Long Island
Minnesota Paranormal Investigators
> Philadelphia Ghost Hunters Alliance
> Pennsylvania Ghost Hunters Society
> Ghost Help (New England)
> Amateur Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma (A.G.H.O.S.T)
> South Jersey Ghost Research
> South Jersey Ghost Research Kids Club (SJGR Kids Club)
> International Society for Paranormal Research (ISPR)
> Ghost Hunters of Southern Michigan
> Great Lakes Paranormal Research Organization
> Ghost Hunters of St. Louis Trancendental Society
> Spirit Seekers of Ohio
> Haunted NC.Com (North Carolina)
> Ghost Tracker Investigations (North Florida)
> Haunted Northern New York
> Christopher Sharlow's Ghost Photographer
> Rochester Paranormal
> Ghostfiles
> Scientific Investigative Ghost Hunting Team (SIGHT)
> Ohio Ghost Researchers
> Missouri Ghosthunters Society
> Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa (PITT)
> Ghost Stalkers of West Tennesee
> Port Rade Wonderland Paranormal Researchers

> Spirit Seekers of West Georgia
> Massachusetts Ghost Hunting Society
> Spiritseekers PSI (Northern Mississippi)
> Gettin' Spooky
> Pacific Paranormal Research Society
> S.I.G.H.T (Scientific Investigative Ghost Hunting Team)
> SPIRITED Ghost Hunting in Western Pennsylvania & Eastern Ohio
> American Association of Paranormal Investigators
> Moonlight Ghosthunters
> The Dead Watch Society
> Pisces Moon Paranormal
> Westmoreland Paranormal Investigation Society (W.P.I.S)NEW!

> Australian Institute of Parapsychological Research (AIPR)
> American Society for Psychical Research (ASPR)
> Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit UK (APRU)
> Survival After Death:The International Survivalist Society

Sleep Paralysis
> Sleep Paralysis Net
> Awareness During Sleep Paralysis
> Sleep Paralysis Page
esp (extra sensory perception)
ufos & aliens
> Crop Circle Central
> Mystical Universe - International UFO Reporting Center
> I Was Abducted.Com
> Aliens-UFOs.Com
> The International Crop Circle Database
> Space 2001
> TheUFONetwork.NET

> UFO Research QLD
South Africa
> South Africa's UFO Resource (SAUFOR)
Crop Circles
> Newsgroup: alt.paranormal.crop-circles (Google Groups)
> Solani Crop Circles
non-paranormal links
> SydPix - Sydney's own Nightlife/Clubbing Photography site
> Think Pink Lingerie: Bridal lingerie, adult novelties, jewellery, shoes & more!
> Site for Party, Rave & Club Info (SPRACI)
> Shy's Cyber Chamber - serial killers, unsolved murders, superstitions, urban legends, weird & bizarre + more!
> Lady's Perfect Circle
> Epod Central

> Pegasus Book Orphanage: Dedicated to finding caring homes worldwide for orphaned books (inc Paranormal & Metaphysical books.
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