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Ghost photo, or not?

Taking photos of ghosts is not as easy as it seems. Some people have a 'knack' of being in the right place at the right time, some people are sensitive and instinctively know where to aim, and some people just don't get anything at all.

Everyone (and I mean everyone) will get photos of what at first glimpse may seem to be caused by supernatural means but turns out to be something natural. These photos are called 'false positives'.

We're not saying that all images that can't be explained are actual spirits, beings or other paranormal phenomena - no one can! However there might just be a chance that you might (either intentionally or by accident) capture something that cannot be explained!

Here are examples of the different anomalies usually taken:

Anomaly No.1: Orbs (click for info)
Anomaly No.2: Ectoplasm
(click for info)
Anomaly No.3: Vortexes*

Light Glare - a culprit for many photo anomalies!

*coming soon

Non-Paranormal Anomaly Chart

Cigarette Smoke

The above photo is obviously caused by the cigarette underneath, but take the cigarette out of the picture, it is easy to innocently assume it may be of paranormal origin.

The above photo seems to have a few ghostly faces. This is just a coincidence - it is simply a result of cigarette smoke.


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It is very easy to photograph your own breath on a cold night.
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Light Glare

Close Up


Photos taken with a long exposure (which lets more light into the camera) can cause effects like the above. This is not ghostly and is a result of the camera moving whilst the photo was taken.

If you are in doubt of what you see in your photo:

Go back to the location, take note of the surroundings. E.g., if you see a strange ball of light in your photo, go back to
the location in daylight - perhaps you will see a inconspicuous light off in the distance that you didn't notice!

Make use of photo imaging software and make the image lighter - this might help you to see the surroundings much easier (see below).

Most of all use your own judgment!

Film verses Digital Cameras

There is much debate on whether or not digital cameras should or should not be used to capture evidence of paranormal activity.

Digital Cameras are prone to picking up more than film cameras, such as dust or light flare - however for the same reason, they are also believed to be more likely to capture paranormal anomalies due to the electrical capture of images.

Why is this so? Well, spirits are meant to be made up of electrical energy (which is why they can affect electrical equipment such as TVs, Radios etc, so easily!).

Of course, the problem with digital photos is:

1) They do not have a negative -- so they cannot be proven to be real, or fake.
2) They (or digital scans of actual photos) can be easily altered with photo imaging software.

Film Cameras Digital Cameras
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Negatives can be tested for errors or tampering.     No negatives.
  Films & processing can be expensive. No processing involved - just upload to your computer.  
Top of the range cameras can be expensive.     Can be expensive