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Ghost/Spirit Photography - Orbs
ORBS (aka globes or globules)
What are Orbs?

This is the topic of much discussion! There are many theories on what orbs are but basically orbs are said to be spheres of energy created by the spirits of deceased people.

Orbs are usually picked up in photos or video, however in some cases have been seen by the human eye.

Orbs are the most common paranormal photo taken having said that, it is also the most common false-positive photo taken due mostly to the number 1 household enemy: No we're not talking about cockroaches, we're talking about dust! :)


Any fragments of dust that are close to the camera lens can come up looking like orbs when the flash fires. Dust is usually concentrated around one area in a dense pattern (similar to a spotty mist), or can look like thousands of orbs in one place.

How do I know my orb is definitely, or definitely not dust?

Well there is no surefire way for you to know that what you see is DEFINITELY a spirit. All dust photos look very similar - they may come up as dense and shadowy spots (e.g. if someone has just driven through a tunnel, or something has fallen in a dusty basement etc).


bright light sources such as the sun, lamps, light bulbs etc can create orb like lights (see right).

avoid taking photos in the direction of the sun, or other light sources as they can cause strange anomalies which may seem paranormal in origin but are definitely not.


We believe that real spirit orbs can take on different shapes, colours and sizes. They can be as small as a dot, or large, covering a big part of a photo.

Orbs we have captured in haunted locations have been: white, blue, yellow and sometimes multicoloured.

Many orbs seem to replicate the characteristic an energy "cell" or "ball" which is what they are believed to be - the energy of a spirit.

Sometimes orbs can have what seems like a face (or many faces) inside the circle.

What makes an orb convincing?

- orbs that seem to have movement (e.g. have a trail behind them).

- most importantly, orbs that are partially covered (e.g., behind) by another object, such as a tree branch, statue, rail, etc.

- Turn your flash off if you are really wanting to eliminate false-orbs!

Above: FALSE this photo was taken just after a train passed - dredging up a lot of dust. Are there real orbs amongst the dust - could be - but the picture should be automatically discredited as the dust is the main factor here.

Above: FALSE the sun produced this anomaly above a cemetery sign! Without knowing the circumstances behind the photo, it may be quite convincing!