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Ghost Hunters International Season 2 premieres on Sci Fi Australia!
January 6th, 2011 at 9:30pm on the Sci Fi Channel

Ghost Hunters International Season 2 premieres on Sci Fi Australia!

Exclusive to SCI FI, this season of GHI includes 4 Australian investigations!

See GHI at some of Australia's most haunted locations, some of which we have investigated ourselves!

Do GHI capture evidence of Aussie hauntings? You will have to watch to find out!

The Aussie episodes to air are:

January 6th, 2011

@ 9:30pm
Sydney's Quarantine Station Location: Sydney, Australia

It's time for the Ghost Hunters International team to get ill, as they head out to Sydney's Quarantine Station.

Opened in 1833, the location served as an entry point for passengers in which the sick were separated from the well and kept under some fairly harsh conditions.

Cases of plague, typhus, cholera, smallpox and Spanish influenza were all prevalent there, and many people died within the station's confines.
January 13th, 2011

@ 930pm
Port Arthur Penitentiary Location: Port Arthur, Australia

A centuries-old prison that was home to rapists, murders, and the criminally insane sounds like a setting right out of a horror movie, but it's a real place - Australia's Port Arthur Penitentiary, rumored to be one of the most haunted spots in the world.

As the team descends on the location, Brandy details Port Arthur's history, and a long list of reported paranormal phenomena that includes apparitions, moving objects, footsteps, and even people reporting being touched by spirits.
January 20th, 2011

@ 930pm
Tasmania Death Sentence Location: Hobart, Tasmania

The team remains in Tasmanian legal system this week, visiting the Supreme Courthouse.

Built in the 1800s, the building was first used as a prison where criminals were often sentenced to death by hanging.

Curator Brian Rieusset leads a tour in which he details phenomena such as disembodied voices, apparitions and sightings in both the courtrooms and the execution yard. Among them is a woman named Ivy who manifests through the smell of her perfume.
January 27th, 2011

@ 930pm
Monte Cristo Homestead Location: Junee, Australia

This week's second investigation takes place in one of Australia's most purportedly haunted locations.

The Monte Cristo homestead was home to a family called the Crawleys, and is now a museum.

Curator Reg Ryan tells of numerous phenomena experienced by him and his family, including cold spots, moving objects, and disembodied voices including orders from Mrs. Crawley, herself, to leave the house.

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